Amusement Tech – Seating Units – Star Shape (Zierer)

Sunkid Heege designs and manufactures a complete seating unit for the spectacular "Star Shape” major ride by Zierer

Sunkid Heege offers not only OEM quality spare parts and maintenance, but is also an expert in the manufacture of special vehicle components. 
Sunkid Heege therefore designed and produced the complete seating units for the major ride Star Shape by Zierer.

The 36 seating units are however made up of far more components than a conventional seat. A seating is essentially comprised of seven components: housing, backrest, seat shell, safety bar, locking mechanism and last but not least, monitoring made up of sensor technology in accordance with EN 13814.

For maximum security along with top comfort for passengers, Sunkid Heege implemented a multiple redundant restraint system. Electromagnetically controlled locking bolts linked with fully sealed hydraulic safety cylinders allow for continuous adjustment of the safety bar. This diverse system has attained a category 5 rating in accordance with EN 13814 and in addition, offers purely electric control. This presents a big advantage with such complex  major rides like the Star Shape.


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