Sunkid outfits Ellmis Zauberwelt

Ellmau (Austria): Sunkid as complete supplier of the newly built “Ellmis Zauberwelt” kids’ ski area on Hartkaiser

Ellmis Zauberwelt is situated on Hartkaiser mountain in Ellmau and is a mystical fairytale world of fairies, goblins and forest spirits. The main actor is Ellmi the sorcerer’s apprentice, who has been turned into a large frog by goblins.
The concept of the Ellmis Zauberwelt was consequently finished off with a children’s playground in the summer and a newly built kids’ ski area in the winter.
A 492-foot (150m) long Sunkid Conveyor Belt with the Evolus Gallery serves as a climbing aid in the kids’ area. A variety of custom-made figures from the Sunny Stuff product portfolio, as well as a Sunkid Rotondo Carousel round off the children’s terrain.
The highlights, visible from afar, are the two larger-than-life frogs, which had also been manufactured by Sunkid as an individual solution for the Ellmis Zauberwelt.


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