Around the world on the conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is a unique climbing aid. The places where it is installed are unique as well – and can be found around the world

It was impossible to foresee the many possible uses of the conveyor belt when it was invented more than two decades ago. The Sunkid engineers found new ways to offer best solutions to the customer demand from around the world every year, however. Many of the 3,250 facilities now in use could be installed in very unusual locations in spite of great height differences. Skiing isn't necessarily a pastime typically connected to some of the 67 countries where Sunkid conveyor belts were installed. But of course, they also aren't all meant for skiing to begin with… 

Have a look and come with us on a journey around the world



Conveyor Belt – Transport solutions

The universally usable weather-resistant outdoor conveyor belt for persons and goods

The Sunkid conveyor belt was developed for the harshest conditions in outdoor use in skiing areas. Because of this, its properties in terms of resilience and reliability are unparalleled on the market. It's not surprising that the Sunkid conveyor belt is used more and more often by theme parks and shopping centers for person transport from and to large parking places as well. It is as popular as an access solution for gastronomy areas in winter now as it is as a climbing aid on steep sections of the path. Golf courts, ski jumping facilities, cities and municipalities rely on our know-how and experience from more than 3.250 facilities implemented around the world. We will gladly develop your optimal solution as well!


Advice: With a conveyor output of up to 3.000 persons per hour

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Neben diesem Auszug aus den Sunkid Optionen stehen Ihnen noch viele weitere Optionen für den Einsatz des Sunkid Zauberteppichs zur Verfügung.


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