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The wooden Marble Race family produced offspring.

The marble race tower celebrated its premiere at the Interalpin trade show in 2017. Since then, around a dozen towers have been sold - each of them has been themed according to customer wishes and is unique.

Since 2020 the play equipment is available in two versions: Marble Tower and Marble Tower Soft.

It is no longer a secret that nobody can escape the charm of the Marble Races. For many years now, operators have been fascinated by the profitability and their customers by the high experience value of the Marble Races.

Especially the "Soft" type delights customers who have only a few square meters and a smaller budget. It doesn't matter whether it's an adventure world on the mountain or an indoor leisure park - the tower can be installed and operated anywhere.

Another advantage is that this type is lower - parents can always keep an eye on their children without having to climb the tower. The "Soft" version also has a staircase that allows parents to go up with their children - a great advantage for families with small children who want company.

Despite the tower's low space requirement, the platform on which the children let the wooden marbles roll off is large enough for several children and parents to have space on it and play together.

"All towers are designed to develop the children's motor skills and train their minds. The play equipment can be adapted and themed to suit the customer and the environment," says Product Manager Georg Dobler, who is enthusiastic about all the variations.


Fotocredits: Hintertuxer Gletscher_Tux-Finkenberg, Schafalm, Fotos Karin Bergmann

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