Moving Carpet Around the Year

The Bergbahnen Hohsaas opened their Skills Park at the Kreuzboden with three new trails and a Moving Carpet just in time for the summer season. This bike park is an offer for the entire athletic family.

Borer Lift AG, part of Sunkidworld, supplied Bergbahnen Hohsaas with a Moving Carpet that serves as a climbing aid for skiers at the Kreuzboden in winter back in 2009. That Moving Carpet acquired an additional function this year, now also acting as a means of transport for bikers to return to the start of the trail more easily.

Saas-Grund is the neighboring community of Saas-Fee. Saas-Fee is a well-known winter sports resort in the Swiss Alps. The municipality is not far from the Italian border and is often visited by hikers and climbers in summer, as many four-thousand-meter peaks surround the village.

For many years, mountain biking has also been highly popular in the area of Hohsaas. That is why the offering at the Kreuzboden, previously comprising a Moving Carpet in winter and a lake, a playground, and a restaurant in summer, has been expanded by three skills trails.

In addition to introducing children to mountain biking, the bike park also is to give adults the opportunity to overcome personal challenges and to improve their technique on the bike if desired.


Factbox Moving Carpet Hohsaas Skills Park:
Length: 138 m
Drive: 18.5 kW
Speed: Up to 0.7 m/s
Belt: Blue Eye


Photocredits: Saas-Fee Guides, Sandro Pollinger

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