Visitors of all age groups love the new wooden ball tracks at the Familienberg Söllereck

Two newly designed sections guarantee fun with the rolling wooden ball on more than 200 metres!

The Familienberg Oberstdorf offers a great free-time experience for the entire family. This July, the Söllereckbahn had another highlight added to it. Its XXL ball track “Söllis Kugelrennen” has received a surprising expansion by two newly designed sections to add to the parts that were installed back in 2017.

Once they have bought a ball, young and older guests can launch into their rolling fun. The new “Eagle7” section serves as the first of four segments. On a length of 33 metres, its track comprises two parallel routes, which makes it ideal for a little race within the family. Once the wooden balls have picked up some speed, they will roll through a telescope on either side, past cowbells, and through the “Wedding Flight” station. The exciting race continues along a curvy track and on the “Mountains” and “Eagle” stations. The first track ends with a section victory for the player whose ball hits the final tray first.

A short hike along the Schönblickweg path leads to the second section, called the “Forest Track”, where players of all age groups find a 50-metres-long course that comprises a funnel, spirals, a wavy track, and a pillar labyrinth. A ball slalom at the end of this section serves as a special highlight before the second new element of Söllis Kugelrennen follows as section 3: the “Wavy Track”. Ten metres long, this segment has the ball pass through a slalom and a wavy element before it eventually hits a ball collection area. The final “Finish Run” with its 57 metres is the great highlight at the end of the path.

The ball racetrack follows the hiking trail down into the valley, turning the hike into a playful experience for the entire family.
The wooden balls for Söllis Kugelrennen can be purchased for 3 euros a piece at the valley station of the Söllereckbahn or next to the mountain one, to be taken home as a souvenir after playing.


Fact Box:

Section 1: Eagle7

  • Length: 33 m
  • Elements: Telescope, cowbells, wedding flight, curvy track, station mountains, station eagle

Section 2: Forest Track

  • Length: 51 m
  • Elements: Funnel, spiral, wavy track, pillar labyrinth, ball slalom

Section 3: Wavy Track

  • Length: 93 m
  • Elements: Funnel, ball track, spiral, xylophone, wavy track, chimes, pillar labyrinth, ball slalom, telescope

Section 4: Finish Run

  • Length: 57 m
  • Elements: Funnel, xylophone, wavy track, chimes, pillar labyrinth, telescope


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Photocredits: Oberstdorfer Bergbahn AG

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