Wooden letters on course to success

Did you know that, far from serving only to be read, letters can also be used for playing on?

A T turns into a double swing, an A into a climbing tower, or an E into a slide. Sunkid and its partner Almholz developed playing equipment to match every single letter of the alphabet. Up to four metres tall, the gigantic Sunkid letters made of untreated Styrian mountain larch serve as a year-round eye-catcher and a popular photo motive for tourists and locals alike.

The Peisey-Nancroix (FR) municipality opened a new public municipal playground near the renowned Les Arcs skiing area this year. It, too, uses the gigantic wooden letters, as the entire playground spells out the municipality’s name in wood. The P offers two swinging options (with nest and board swings), the two E’s sport a slide and ladder each, the I is a climbing frame, the S holds two hammocks, and the letter Y has a swing on either side. Every letter is between 2.50 m and 3.00 m tall.

Since the little municipality of Peisey-Nancroix has only 643 residents, the playground is mainly used by children from the local schools in summer. Once the winter season starts, a great many guests come to visit the small municipalities around the great Les Arcs skiing area, which is quite popular in France, for winter sports. Taking the “Vanoise Express” cableway to the skiing area affords a view of the wooden letters from above. The tourists’ children are also welcome to play on the wooden letters to their hearts’ content.

The wooden letters have celebrated some success in Austria for a few years, too. The playable word “ALMZEIT” was put up in Sölden as part of a project supported by 14 lodge operators, the town committee of the Ötztal tourism association, and the Sölden mountain railways in 2013. “Far from remaining a one-time campaign, ALMZEIT as a themed hiking path is set up as a project that is going to keep developing in the course of several years. If our mountain meadows and lodges have an attractive offering to show for summer, the hotels and inns in the valley will profit, too,” said Carmen Fender, marketing manager of Ötztal Tourismus.

The three-metre-tall “ALMZEIT” lettering, equipped with a slide, climbing opportunities, and deck chairs, can be found next to the large information panels at the middle station of the Gaislachkoglbahn railway.

The wooden letters by Sunkid have become firmly established at the Titlis (CH) in 2016 as well. In direct proximity of the tubing track with a Sunkid Moving Carpet and wooden VARIOS gallery, the gigantic Sunkid letters on the terrace of the Trübsee mountain hotel are impossible to miss. These letters come with a swing, a climbing net, a slide, and a resting area.


You can find more information about Wood'n'Fun products here.


Photocredits: Sunkid, Caratech

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