Conveyor Belt- children's skiing land

The Sunkid conveyor belt in its original function: as a climbing aid in skiing lessons for children

The benefits of the Sunkid conveyor belt:

  • The simplest and safest climbing aid in the beginners' area for children
  • The strenuous climb up is not necessary. Children can save strength and energy and fully focus on learning the sport instead.
  • With the Sunkid conveyor belt, children can participate in skiing lessons starting at 3 years of age.
  • Skiing instructors can fully focus on teaching with the Sunkid conveyor belt and do not have to waste time and energy on strenuously taking the children uphill.
  • The Sunkid conveyor belt leaves them more time for the actual skiing lessons.
  • Relaxed learning and teaching increases satisfaction and significantly reduces drop-out rates among children and instructors alike.
  • Available starting at a length of 9 meters
  • Variable speed control
  • Simple operation/supervision by the skiing instructor or a supervisor
  • Transport of alternative sport devices (sledges, tubes, etc.) permits alternative uses and thus diversity during the skiing course.
  • If desired, the Sunkid conveyor belt can be removed in summer.



Hint: Make your skiing lessons more diverse and instructive with our broad Sunny Stuff product range and provide a lot of extra fun. We will gladly develop a concept for a complete children's skiing paradise for you.

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