Conveyor Belt - for tubes & boats

Water theme park or whitewater sport facility - Sunkid offers a tried and tested solution for transporting all kinds of tubes and boats.

Tube conveyor belt

Theme parks around the world are familiar with the problem of transporting tubes of all sizes and shapes back to the starting point. The newly developed Sunkid tire conveyor belt offers a solution.

The weather-resilient outdoor conveyor belt by Sunkid reduces staff use, permits faster throughput times, thus increasing capacity, and is much more efficient than the existing solutions.


Boat conveyor belt for whitewater facilities

The Sunkid boat conveyor belt is the ideal transport solution for boats, kayaks and canoes in whitewater facilities, where the entry and exit areas may be 100 percent under water. The boat conveyor can also cross terrain ridges. 

One example of successful use is the whitewater facility "Neue Donau" in Vienna, where the boat conveyor belt has proven its worth in training operation and some international races.

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