Biga Coaster


Very narrow radii on very small footprints, up- and downhill runs, many different
scenarios experienced standing up: All of this is part of the Biga Coaster. No
matter the environment – standing up is the trademark and unique riding feel
of the Biga Coaster. The sensor-controlled cabins permit concurrent use of
multiple vehicles on the same route. A modular construction kit system makes
route design completely flexible and customised.


The Biga Coaster multitalent inspires:

  • as a dark ride with a unique ride experience that lets your guests enjoy their environment directly in an unprecedented manner
  • as a high ride on the facades of buildings and towers, cruisers, etc.
  • as a thrill ride on mountainous rock faces or steep cliffs
  • as a tour ride for interactive exhibitions, in museums and experience worlds


Blume Tower-Event-Center

The first customized installation has recently been realized and presented to the public on the second floor of the Tower-Event-Center, which is 30 m high. The Biga-Coaster was designed and themed as Skydrive by the operator in charge, Mr. Charles Blume, and it was designed in a very special way: half of the tracks run through the covered indoor area, the other half is located at a height of 7 m and leads onto a kind of outdoor “balcony”.

High above the heads of the other amusement park visitors, guests of the Tower-Event-Center experience a special thrill with the Biga-Coaster. Due to the upright posture, not only different views can be experienced, but it also results in a completely new riding experience (also because there is no stem obstructing the view).

However, the Tower-Event-Center installation is only one of many possible indoor as well as outdoor applications. Installations on viewing platforms, amusement rides such as haunted houses or interactive areas of museums count among the numerous application possibilities.

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