Around we go!

Pure riding fun – and each trip a unique experience. Eight cars rotate in a circle, right or left - depending on the operator's choice. 
The passengers can decide to take it leisurely, or experience some turbulence. Maybe forwards first, then backwards? Head first, or backwards with a kick? Passengers can choose to go easy at the control console – or with the simple push of a button, turn somersaults, go forwards, backwards, switch around - whatever feels best. For those who want a wild ride, the sky's the limit. And those who want to relax can choose to simply do nothing. Then the car just glides along gently.

  • Operating capacity 480 pers./h
  • Rotations of the cabin around its horizontal axis
    Approx. 11 revolutions/minute
  • Individual painting and lettering possible
  • Can also be operated in winter (depending on height of snow).
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