Comfort Star

This model is a low profile ski lift with a low-hanging lead-rope for slopes with up to approx. 350m (1,150' ft) and with a gradient of max. 40%. Skiers and Snowboarders profite both from the revolving linked platter handle.

  • Adjustable to any kind of passengers (kids or adults)
  • Adjustable to snow level
  • motor power 4 to 15 KW (5,5 PS to 20 PS) depending on length and inclination
  • capacity: up to 720 people per hour
  • 3x400 V
  • legth up to 350m (1,150' ft)
  • max. grade 40%
  • bottom station - motor-driven height adjustment up to 1.8m (70'' in)
    Option: hydraulic height adjustment up to 2.4m (95'' in)
  • speed up to 2,0 m/sec. (395 ft/min)
  • variable speed by frequency-converter
  • portable and pluggable e-box
  • steelcable ø 9mm (0.354'' in)
  • steel-structure hot galvanized
  • weights:
    • drive station: approx. 600-800kg (1,320 lbs - 1,760 lbs)
    • return station approx. 600-800kg (1,320 lbs - 1,760 lbs)
  • max tension force Bottom 20 kN, Top 30 kN
  • return station with tensioning system
  • overshoot safeguard at the engage and release stations
  • start area horizontal - handle service
  • drive station top or ground (at choice)
  • Monitored cord run to prevent rope twist
  • fully covered guiding rolls and bullwheels
  • Demountable construction - simple assembly and disassembly
  • Option: Handle type "Star" - tight link on the rope (not certified according 2000/9/EG)
  • revolving platter handle:
    • revolving linked platter handle - adjustable to kind of passengers (children or adults)
    • no rope twist
    • link to steel ropes gives stability and safety for passenger
    • host of different options
      1. platter between the legs
      2. holding on to the grab handle
      3. placing the grab handle behind the back
    • suitable for both skiers and snowboarders
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