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A journey to some of the most extraordinary Moving Carpet projects from 2019/20

The last weeks and months were characterised by great restrictions, uncertainties, and concerns for our entire industry. However, there are increasing signs that at least a delayed summer season may still be happening. Therefore, we would like to take you on a journey around the world, to see some of the most extraordinary Moving Carpet installations from 2019/20. We would like to give special thanks to our customers and partners with whom we have now been cooperating with such great success for nearly a quarter of a century. They have sent us the pictures below.


Edmonton (CAN)
Edmonton (CAN)
Gallagher Park, located right in the capital city of the Canadian state of Alberta, is likely one of the most extraordinary “skiing areas” in the world. It is the home of the Edmonton Ski Club, founded in 1911, which invested into a new 84 metre long Sunkid Moving Carpet in the last season, making mountain transport even more comfortable. The local recreation area with its central location in the city affords a unique view of the city’s skyline that ensures its well deserved place in our best of ranking.


Sunday River (USA)

Sunday River (USA)
The “Sunday River” skiing resort in the US federal state of Maine treated its guests to as many as three new Moving Carpets in the last season. At 84, 75, and 24 metres in length, the conveyor belts are hard to miss even in bad weather and heavy snow. On the customer’s request, the three Evolus-type galleries were delivered customised in “Sunset Red”.


Tokio (JPN)
Tokyo (JPN)
The Kasai Canoe Slalom Center is the venue of the canoe slalom competitions at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Smooth operation must be ensured by all means, not only on the organisational, but also on the technical side, in the face of the global attention a large event of this calibre is sure to draw. This probably played an important part in the decision to rely on Austrian Sunkid to build the conveyor system. Even though the current situation required postponing the Games to 2021, the 48 metre long and 200 cm wide Moving Carpet is one of Sunkid’s highlights for 2019/20.


Geilo (NOR)
Geilo (NOR)
This extraordinary picture of the 114 metre long Moving Carpet was taken by the photographer of the Geilo skiing area just before Christmas 2019. The lighting design of the Evolus Galery harmonises almost uncannily with the lit town of Geilo at night in the background.


Devoluy (FRA)
Devoluy (FRA)
A newly installed Sunkid Moving Carpet with an impressive length of 129 m and width of 120 cm draws visitors’ attention in particular at night. The new eye catcher in SuperDévoluy, a skiing resort in the Dévoluy massif, is equipped with impressive LED lighting. As darkness falls, the Moving Carpet stands out with its brilliantly coloured light show. The adjacent hotel and its forecourt brighten up the night as well. That impressive lighting and snowy backdrop make night skiing a very special experience here.


Kopenhagen (DNK)
Copenhagen (DNK)
Danish CopenHill, opened in autumn 2019 stands good chances at being the most extraordinary skiing slope in the world. Denmark now has a sports facility that is utterly unique. Located on the roof of the new Amager Bakke waste incineration plant in Copenhagen, it constitutes a unique local recreation area and a sports centre that permits year round skiing. Three Sunkid Moving Carpets (36 m, 51 m, and 96 m) and a platter lift transport the expected number of more than 300,000 visitors per year up to a height of 85 m.


Retalhuleu (GTM)
Retalhuleu (GTM)
The Xejuyup theme park opened in the highlands of Guatemala, once a Mayan settlement area, last year. One highlight in the newly opened theme park is its tubing track with its tried and tested Sunkid Moving Carpet. Guests can ride the 66 metre long Moving Carpet up to 13.7 m to slide down the mats on tubes.


Gerlitzen (AUT)
Gerlitzen (AUT)
The Gerlitzen Alpe is worth a travel not only in winter but also in the upcoming summer season. This beautiful drone photograph of the 87-metre-long "Kanzelbahn Gallery X-Press" shows the Moving Carpet in its typical function for comfortable and reliable transport at a “beginners’ slope”.


Fotocredits: Edmonton Ski Club / Sunday River / Skigeilo / CopenHill PR / Michel Prayer Photo / Neveplast / BB Gerlitzen

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