The interactive outdoor gaming experience

Traceboarding opens up an entirely new dimension of interactive free-time experience that goes far beyond simple "riding down". Traceboarding is far more than that; it combines speed, fun and competition into a special experience. The Sunkid conveyor belt is the ideal climbing aid.

Speed: A speed of up to 40 km/h and just a few centimetres separating the rider from the floor along a rail-guided route ensures a true racing feel and pure goose bumps.
Sitting close to the ground makes the user perceive speed in an entirely new manner, conveying a riding feel that has never been achieved before.

Skill: Speed alone isn't enough for an outstanding result! Elements placed along the route must be targeted precisely with a joystick when they are passed by (e.g. element on the right, joystick to the right). The more precisely this is done, the fewer discredits one is assigned.

Competition: Photo finish! When crossing the finish line, the time is taken to one hundredth of the second and combined with the valuation of the elements hit. This results in a placement that will be visible at once on the large LED panel together with the rider's time. The competition for best times is quite addictive (repeat runs) and as interesting and entertaining for spectators as it is for the rider.

Perfect for: Families with children (>110cm), youngsters and adults, excursion groups, for events and much more


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