The Zorb Lift for the transport of Zorb balls

With the Zorb Lift, Sunkid offers an innovative means of transport to carry so-called Zorb balls. An example of the seamless operation of this special lift can be found at the Ski Dubai ski hall in the United Arab Emirates. Over a length of nearly 98 ft (30m) and during many hours of operation, the Zorb Lift transports the 9-ft (3m) large balls uphill. Depending on the length of the lift, the number of balls which can be transported varies. A special feature is the sensor system at the end of the lift: not until a Zorb is removed on top is the next ball introduced. Therefore, uncontrolled ejection or a jam at the upper end of the lift is not possible. The Sunkid Zorb Lift is suitable for indoor, as well as outdoor recreational facilities and can be theoretically installed in any length.


Technical details of the installation at the Dubai ski hall:

  • Length: 96 feet (29.5m)
  • Incline: 21.3%
  • Capacity: max. 3 Zorb balls on the conveyor (diameter: 10 ft - 3.2m)
  • Speed: 1.6 – 3.2 feet per second (0.5 – max. 1.0m per sec)
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