Har Gilboa (Israel): Sunkid builds two conveyor belts in a region with extremely agitated

Sunkid as a partner of a historically important project

Place: Gilboa /Year: 2011 / Product: Moving Carpet / Dry Slopes
  • Installation site: Sdei Turmot (Israel)
  • Purpose of the Moving Carpet: ascent for Dry-Slope
  • Length: : 69 and 129 meters
  • Speed up to 0,7 m/s
  • Gradient: 20
  • Drive: 7,5 and 15KW motor
  • Capacity: 1055 persons per hour
  • 600mm conveyor belt width
Facts about the project:
200 m
600 mm
15 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
Ø Gradient :
20 %
Capacity :
1055 pph

The Palestinian city of Jenin and the Israeli county of Gilboa were a political flashpoint for many years. However, the situation has increasingly eased in the recent past. There is now cooperation in many areas on both sides of the border and numerous projects are being implemented jointly. Many of these are also for tourism, such as on Mount Gilboa. A sports center with an artificial ski slope has been built there. Two Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts with a total length of 200 meters serve as ascent aids.


The partnership between Gilboa (Israel) and Jenin (Palestine) is an example of successful regional bridge-building that has only begun to develop in recent years on the border between Israeli and Palestinian territory. Many joint projects have now emerged from this. One of them is called "Tourism for Peace" and aims to put the past to rest and make the region increasingly interesting for tourists through targeted investments. This is also the case in the village of Sdei Trumot, which lies directly on Mount Gilboa. A sports center with the first artificial ski slope in the Holy Land has been built there. For the time being, however, it is mainly children and young people from the surrounding kibbutzim who are delighted to take up the offer and enjoy their newly won freedom in this way.

In addition, the facility on Mount Gilboa offers the opportunity to practice this hobby all year round, since the snowy days on Mount Hermon are limited and only a few Israeli skiers can afford a vacation abroad. The high temperatures mean that ski instructors swap overalls for shorts. And instead of the mountain panorama one is used to when skiing, during a downhill run one looks at the olive and cypress trees of the Charod Valley. The subsequent ascent, however, is again like in many ski resorts worldwide: namely by means of two Sunkid Moving Carpet with a length of 69 and 129 meters. The rough-top surface used, in conjunction with the 600mm wide conveyor belt, ensures a correspondingly secure grip and also allows pedestrians with their ski bobs to be transported safely to the top. Since for many of the passengers it is also their first ever contact with skiing, they naturally welcome a pleasant and stress-free lift ride with the Sunkid Moving Carpet all the more - and that probably unites all novice skiers, regardless of whether they are under Israel's sun or in a ski resort in the Alps.

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