The Zugspitzarena on the pulse of time with Sunkid

For the winter season 2006/2007 there are numerous news in the "Langes Resort Lermoos".

Place: Lermoos /Year: 2007 / Product: Moving Carpet

Among other things, a new large NTC Sport Park was inaugurated directly below the Grubigalm, at about 1700 m above sea level.

"Always in motion and always on the pulse of time" promises the concept of the NTC Parks. That is why fun and trend sports such as skifox, snowbike, snowdeck, airboard and snowtubes can also be practiced here, on approx. 4,000 m².


However, the means of ascent designed for skiers and snowboarders, such as Ski Lifts, are only conditionally suitable means of transport for these trend sports. That is why "Langes Resorts" decided to use the multifunctional logistics solution, the Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt, which has been tried and tested for over 10 years. In addition to pedestrians, baby carriages, skiers and snowboarders, it can also be used to safely transport all kinds of trendy sports equipment.


No less than three of these all-rounders were installed in the well-attended NTC Park to get visitors to the top quickly, comfortably and safely. The longest of these Moving Carpet rides is 72 m long, is driven by an 11 kW geared motor, and masters a gradient of 15%. To also provide optimum comfort, a conveyor belt width of 60 cm was selected for all three conveyor belts.


"We expect over 200 fun park visitors to the NTC Blue Days" said Patrick Eder, marketing manager of Langes Resorts. One more reason for the Moving Carpet from Sunkid. Because each of the three conveyor belts equipped with link chain technology can theoretically transport 1,440 skiers or 2,000 pedestrians. That gives a total capacity of over 4,300 skiers, or 6,000 pedestrians! Langes Resorts chose link chain technology because of its ability to adapt perfectly to any terrain, convex or concave. It is driven by gears, which prevents the belt from slipping. This allows a slope of up to 25%!

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