Moving Carpet - Waterpark Conveyor - Solimare - Moers (GER)

Sunkid supplies boat conveyor and access systems for large slide facility

Place: Moers /Year: 2018 / Product: Moving Carpet

Right on time at the beginning of the summer vacations, the large slide system planned by Watergames & More with a slide tower and a Sunkid boat conveyor was put into operation at the ENNI outdoor pool (Moers/GER).

The system installed by Sunkid not only includes the conveyor belt system for boats, but also has a control system for guests using turnstiles. The turnstile at the start of the tire slide is automatically released when the previous user has also exited the exit area at the bottom via a turnstile. In addition, Sunkid supplied the entire electrical control system (PLC) developed in-house, including the control cabinet, traffic lights, cameras and monitor for monitoring the action.

The two tire slides themselves lead from the slide tower down to the area of the former diving pool over a length of 43 meters. The daredevils whiz down here on tubes parallel to each other, overcoming a height difference of almost seven meters. Once at the bottom, the boats are placed on a gravity roller track and transported by the Sunkid conveyor belt between the twin slides back up to the waiting passengers.

Conveyor belt system components supplied by Sunkid:

Conveyor belt & attachments:

  • Conveyor belt with belt type Rufftop.
  • The conveyor belt is demand-controlled (it only conveys when a boat is removed from the top).
  • Cover is made of weatherproof polycarbonate
    • Protection from wind and weather
    • Visually appealing
    • Storage place for boats after end of operation
    • Protection against access by guests (safety shutdown)
  • gravity roller track with side guide rollers for loading by customers as well as with all-side rollers for removal of boats at the slide tower
  • 4 turnstiles (2 per slide)

Electrical system:

  • The entire electrical control system (PLC) including control cabinet (developed in-house by Sunkid).
  • Control panels and emergency stop switches
  • Graphical user interface (GUI): The operator has the entire system (conveyor belt, 2 turnstiles at the bottom, 2 turnstiles at the top with traffic lights) graphically displayed on the monitor.
  • Screen for 4 surveillance cameras
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