The Moving Carpet in the footsteps of the Mayas

In the middle of the highlands of Guatemala, a former settlement area of the Mayas, a Sunkid Moving Carpet of the latest generation found its home.

Place: Retalhuleu /Year: 2019 / Product: Moving Carpet / Tubing

To offer another adventure to the residents and tourists of the department of Retalhuleu, the Irtra Institute has opened the Xejuyup Amusement Park. The word Xejuyup means "at the foot of the hill" in Quiché and Cakchiquel. The big highlight at the newly opened amusement park is a tubing facility including the ever-popular Sunkid Moving Carpet. Guests are taken up to a height of 13.7 meters on the 66-meter Moving Carpet and can then slide down the mats on the tubes. In addition, there are numerous other attractions such as themed accommodations, fishing areas, horseback riding, mountain bike trails, an interactive farm, or an artificial lake.

The Irtra theme park has been beautifully integrated into the natural environment and is located four hours by car from Guatemala City. The goal is to offer all visitors unforgettable adventures combined with the mystique of nature, underlines Ricardo Castillo, President of the Board of Directors of Irtra. "Here we can coexist with the characteristic vegetation of the region, countless beautiful birds, while enjoying activities such as fishing, horseback riding and adventure. For those who like to feel adrenaline and experience strong emotions, we have unique attractions with the tubing facility and the ideal lift, the Moving Carpet," said Castillo.

This project once again highlights the range and versatility of the Moving Carpet. Sunkid has already successfully installed over 3,500 installations in more than 70 countries.

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