Moving Carpet with special snow pit

Pinzolo / Madonna di Campiglio (ITA): A 129-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet enables the installation of an unconventional snow pit due to its special placement

Place: Pinzolo /Year: 2015 / Product: Moving Carpet

Pinzolo is a relatively small ski area and is part of the Madonna di Campiglio area, known among other things as the venue of the Alpine Ski World Cup. At the top station of the Pra Rodont gondola is the beginners' area, which is accessed by a 129-meter-long and 750mm-wide Sunkid Moving Carpet.

This conveyor belt has been installed at the very edge of the beginners' area, allowing maximum use of the available space. To the other side of the Moving Carpet, the slope drops steeply. This made it possible to find an unconventional solution for the snow pit at the bottom and top stations. Instead of emptying the snow pit from above or by heating, as is usually the case, it can be accessed from the side. This not only facilitates the removal of snow, but also access for maintenance work on the Moving Carpet.

Pinzolo (ITA)
Climbing aid in the beginner area
129 m
750 mm
Blue-eye surface
18.5 kW
Ø Gradient :
10 %
Products in use
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Moving Carpet
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