Sunkid builds tubing and adventure park in Gressoney
it is part of the large ski area Monterosa with over 150 km of slopes and a total of 37 ski lifts

The Gressoney Saint-Jean area is located in Aosta, Italy, right on the Swiss border

Place: Gressoney Saint-Jean /Year: 2006 / Product: Moving Carpet / Tubing

The area is surrounded by several mountain giants of up to 4,600 m, the most impressive of which is probably the Matterhorn.s Matterhorn.

The cable cars SAGIT Gressoney have decided to build this year for the first time for this winter season, a tubing and adventure park for all ages. On an area of about 10.000 m², on the left half 3 snowtubing tracks with curves and run-out have been built. On the right side, skiers and snowboarders are offered various downhill aids and attractions, such as the Oskar & Rosi Parcour, wild animal parcour, Biff-Paff passage, Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel and much more.


The entire area is accessed by two Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belts, each 120m long and positioned directly next to each other. Each conveyor belt can theoretically transport 1,400 people per hour. This results in a total capacity of 2,800 people per hour. The fact that this capacity is really needed has already been proven in the first days of operation.


From the very first days, the tubing and adventure park installed by Sunkid was the main attraction of the ski area and was therefore already well attended from the opening to "S. Ambrogio" on December 6, 2005. When the snowtubing lanes were also put into operation on the day of the holiday, the park exceeded all expectations. From 27.12.05, when the Snowpark opened also in the evenings, an average of 300 - 400 people, with peaks of over 500 people, enjoyed themselves in the adventure park in the period until mid-January.


When entering the park, a flat fee of 5 - per person is to be paid. This allows unlimited use of all facilities. Due to the very high number of visitors, the investment can pay for itself in a very short time.


The new tubing and adventure park was only advertised locally via posters, and nationally as a novelty in the "Monterosa" folders. However, as enthusiastic visitors passed on their positive impressions, reporters from local newspapers also became aware of the newly built park.


The new attraction thus became a magnet for visitors from neighboring regions and was able to significantly increase the added value of the other businesses located in the area (restaurants, hotels, bars, stores, etc.).


In addition Sig. Cella of the SAGIT Gressoney:
Our new tubing and adventure park has completely met and even exceeded our expectations after the first days of operation. We did not choose the Sunkid company for short-term economic reasons; there were several more favorable offers. The products of the Sunkid company were preferred for quality and safety reasons, and this has proven to be the case. For the future, on the one hand, we are planning the expansion of the park for the next winter, and on the other hand, we want to use the park in the summer as well.

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