Rucphen (NL): Sunkid lifts in Holland's first ski hall

After the expansion of Holland's first ski hall, three moving carpets, a Swisscord as well as a Rotondo from Sunkid, among others, open up the entire facility.

Place: Rucphen /Year: 2012 / Product: Moving Carpet

When you think of Holland, you think of a flat country known for its tulips, famous cheese and wooden shoes. However, the fact that you can also slip into ski boots instead of these to ski all year round in the Netherlands is by far less known. With a total of nine ski halls, Holland offers the largest number of such recreational facilities in Europe. The first hall in Rucphen, built in 1995, underwent an extensive expansion a few months ago. A Swisscord and three Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts are now in use to open up the three slopes.

Facts of the ascending aids in Skidome Rucphen
Indoor conveyor belts as an ascending aid
21 m
750 mm
3 kW
max. Speed:
0.6 m/sec
Ø Gradient :
21 %
Capacity :
1000 pph
Products in use
The transport solution that is hard to beat in terms of versatility
Moving Carpet
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