Sunkid in the new adventure park
With the realization of the project Broconland specializes in the special needs of families and children.

In the Lagorai / Castello Tesino ski area, the mood is one of optimism.

Place: Levico /Year: 2006 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Funivie Lagorai S.p.A. mountain lifts are located in the heart of Trentino, about 60 kilometers east of Trento. The area has a quad chairlift as well as a T-bar lift.

The Broconland

Boredom is a foreign word for young and old in Broconland. A 141m Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt opens up a beautiful slope that is used for snow tubing and tobogganing on the one hand and for the first skiing and snowboarding attempts on the other. In the western direction there is a slope which is perfectly suitable for snowboarders due to its inclination and is opened up by a 189m Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt.


The little ones can let off steam in the play area of Broconland. There you will find numerous bouncy castles, slides, playground equipment and a Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel. The Chalet Heidi, a new restaurant built this year with 600 seats, rounds off the offer perfectly.


Revolutionary 141m Sunkid conveyor belt with gallery

In order to offer guests optimum comfort, the operators have opted for a 141m Sunkid conveyor belt including a complete gallery. The conveyor belt can thus transport all persons with and without winter sports equipment as well as all alternative sports equipment. The gallery protects guests from wind, cold and precipitation and makes operation and maintenance much easier for the operator. For example, there is no need for time-consuming snow cleaning prior to commissioning.


The conveyor belt is equipped with the proven Blue Eye endless conveyor belt surface and is driven by an 18.5 KW motor. The theoretical transport capacity per hour is 1,400 skis. The Sunkid Gallery was developed by Sunkid 5 years ago in cooperation with the authorities. The passage width of the Sunkid Gallery is 1.8m and the interior height is 2.2m. Once again, it is built using the proven modular construction method. This means that transport, assembly and storage can be optimized. The basic framework of the gallery is an aluminum profile construction, which is filled with very high-quality Plexiglas panels. Every 1.8m there are openings on both sides with a width of 1.2m. These openings can be closed with a sturdy self-retracting PVC tarpaulin. The entrance and exit can also be locked overnight with a closing gate.

89m Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt for snowboard slope

At the snowboard slope a 189m Moving Carpet was installed, which brings the "boarders" easily and quickly near the snowboard slope and the fun park. The conveyor belt overcomes a gradient of up to 26%.


Massimo Broccato, the ski lift operations manager, commented:
"The satisfaction of the guests is especially evident in the Moving Carpet for snowboarders. Whereas in the past it was necessary to walk up the slope or use drag lifts that were uncomfortable and impractical for snowboarders, in the Lagorai ski area "boarders" can simply stand on the Moving Carpet and be transported comfortably up the mountain."


Fun and games for the little ones

Children can really let off steam in the play area of Broconland. Numerous bouncy castles, slides, playground equipment and a Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel are available. All facilities are operated by the Ski Lifts and are available to guests with a valid ski pass. The play area can be used free of charge.


Background and first experience reports

The operations manager of the ski lifts, Massimo Broccato:

"The special needs of families, children and non-skiers require a special offer also in terms of transportation, which can be perfectly met with the Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belts. We have had very bad experiences with other conveyor belt suppliers in the past and now wanted a high-quality product. At the trade fairs in Innsbruck and in Bolzano, we became aware of the Moving Carpet from Sunkid. In our industry we heard more and more often that Sunkid was a reliable and serious company. But what finally convinced us is the professional service and the quality of the products."

Massimo Broccato continues, "Our first experience with Moving Carpet from Sunkid has been excellent. We appreciate the good dealings and the friendly and serious manner of those responsible. Our guests and employees are very satisfied."

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