New Sunkid Kinderland in the Bavarian Forest

True to the company's own philosophy "Winter in the village", the Austrian company Sunkid realized a new children's land concept in the Bavarian Forest

Place: Philippsreut /Year: 2008 / Product: Moving Carpet

Description of the Sunkid SwissCord

The "Junior Ski Circus" of the Mitterdorf Ski Center is the newest attraction of the 750 inhabitants community Philippsreut-Mitterfirmiansreut. Locals and guests have their own beginners' area at their disposal since this winter. Located directly on the sunny slope, the first steps on snow, supported by two Sunkid Moving Carpet and a Sunkid Swisscord rope lift, become an absolute skiing pleasure.

The family ski center Mitterdorf manages every year to realize respectable projects, despite lower financial possibilities. Just recently, for example, the snowmaking system was expanded, a floodlit slope was installed and the administration building was rebuilt. Manfred Selwitschka has been the honorary managing director of the Mitterdorf Ski Center for 20 years now and looks back with great pleasure on the work done so far, with an investment volume of over 10 million euros. For the winter season 2008 a very special project could be realized: the "Junior Ski Circus" - the new beginners area of the ski center Mitterdorf!


The planning and projecting of the new beginner area in the Bavarian Forest was done in cooperation with the company Sunkid. The most difficult part was the search for a suitable area for children and beginners. Up to now, only a drag lift and a slope with a gradient of over 20% were available to the beginners. Children and beginners always felt overwhelmed by this, which is why the Mitterdorf Ski Center decided to develop a new area. After more than three years of intensive planning with the Sunkid company, the new "Junior Ski Circus" was created on the Sonnenhang, with slopes between 10% and 14% suitable for beginners.


With a 9m long Sunkid Moving Carpet, children and beginners can dare their first descents, whether with skis or snowboard. After learning the basic techniques, you can already switch to the 42m long Sunkid Moving Carpet. For children and beginners, the Sunkid conveyor belts offer a comfortable, safe and above all easy way to master the ascent. The Sunkid Moving Carpet can transport up to 1400 skiers per hour.

SwissCord in Germany

The first Sunkid Swisscord rope lift in Germany is available to advanced skiers and snowboarders in the "Junior Ski Zirkus". As a next step, after using the Sunkid Moving Carpet, getting used to riding the lift is of great advantage. The Sunkid Swisscord Seillift is part of the new, comprehensive lift program of the Sunkid company. The special feature of the Sunkid Swisscord is, among other things, the vertical rope return, which allows entry and exit from both sides. Furthermore, the motorized height adjustment of the bottom and top stations by up to 5m facilitates the preparation of the route. Adjustment to the size of the guests or to different snow heights is thus also possible.

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