Ski school fun in a class of its own at Hasliberg (CH)

Ski school fun in a class of its own on the Hasliberg!

Place: Meiringen-Hasliberg /Year: 2008 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Meiringen-Hasliberg ski area is located in the Bernese Oberland, with over 65 kilometers of slopes and state-of-the-art lifts. Due to the great offer for children and beginners, the ski resort in the center of Switzerland scores especially with families. This is also due to the excellent Ski School on the Hasliberg, which relies on the child- and beginner-friendly lifts from Sunkid and BORER on its 60,000m2 practice area.

At peak times, up to 600 children and beginners are looked after by 100 qualified snow sports instructors on the Hasliberg. In order to meet this demand, the Ski School has continuously expanded the beginners' area. Ski school director Roland Frutiger relies on the quality of the lifts and Moving Carpet from BORER and Sunkid. The Ski School now has the following lifts: a Sunkid Moving Carpet with a length of 18m, 2 PinoCord rope lifts, 2 BORER Star lifts, and a new SwissCord rope lift with a length of 171m.


The Swisscord rope lift is part of the new, comprehensive lift program of the companies BORER and Sunkid. The special feature of the Swisscord is, among other things, the vertical rope return, which allows entry and exit from both sides. Furthermore, the motorized height adjustment of the bottom and top stations by up to 3.7m facilitates the preparation of the route. Adjustment to the size of the guests or to different snow depths is thus also possible.

Description of the Sunkid SwissCord

  • Length: up to 300m
  • Gradient: max. 15
  • Speed: 0,1m - 2,0 m/sec. variable
  • drive: 5,5 - 11 KW depending on length
  • theor. capacity: up to 720 pers/h
  • Double sided drive is possible
  • Electr. speed adjustment by frequency converter
  • Switchgear plug-in and portable Bellows overtravel protection for top and bottom station
  • Certified according to EU Directive 2000/9/EC
  • Motorized height adjustment of the top and bottom stations by up to 3.7m in height
    • Adaptation to passengers (children or adults)
    • Adaptation to snow depths
  • Easy preparation by snow groomer
  • ATLAS plastic rope with rubber grips
  • Mounting on foundation plates
  • Permission without own
  • supervisory personnel possible

Description of the Rotondo Ski and Tubing Carousel

With a Rotondo ski and tubing carousel, the ski instructors at Hasliberg have a modern teaching aid to teach the children how to plow and turn in a playful way. In addition, the children have fun when they are pulled in circles in the snow with the snowtubes during the break. Thus, the Rotondo ski and tubing carousel brings a lot of fun to the practice area.


Thanks to the excellent supervision by the Ski School and their great commitment, a great coordinated offer for families, children and beginners has been created on the Hasliberg.


If you are interested in a tour of the project, the Sunkid team will be happy to assist you at any time.

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