Austria's longest Moving Carpet at Wildkogel

Neukirchen: Bergbahn and Ski School install new Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts

Place: Neukirchen /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

With a length of 243 m, the Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt in Neukirchen am Wildkogel surpasses all previous Sunkid conveyor belts in Austria! The new Moving Carpet is located at 2,100 m above sea level, at the top station of the Wildkogel lift. The conveyor belt opens up a newly built slope for advanced skiers and snowboarders and connects the Kaserboden children's area with the existing children's area. In addition to the Bergbahn, the Ski School Neukirchen thus also benefits from the new 243 m long facility.

The Wildkogel ski arena built a new section of slope for advanced skiers and snowboarders in 2008. The demands on the necessary lift were manifold. For example, a gradient of 23% must be overcome, the necessary capacity of 1,000 people per hour must be achieved, and children, beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders must be transported. In cooperation with the Ski School Neukirchen it was decided to install a Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt.

"Radius" side exit

With a length of 243 m, the new installation on the Wildkogel is the longest Sunkid Moving Carpet in Austria. The new conveyor belt is driven by a 30 KW motor. The operators also opted for the patented Sunkid "Radius" side exit. The decisive factor was that the conveyor belt shutdowns can be minimized, which is only possible with the Sunkid side exit design. In the exit area, the shut-off flap and the light barrier are replaced by a safety gate. This significantly increased operational safety, especially during snowfall!


As a service to guests, the operators of the Wildkogel ski arena opted for the wider 750 mm conveyor belt (standard: 600 mm). The wider conveyor belt increases comfort and ensures sufficient stability on the 243 m long ride. When it came to selecting the conveyor belt surface, Sunkid impressed with its in-house Blue Eye type. The combination of a hard natural rubber base conveyor belt and soft vulcanized entrainment points guarantees maximum entrainment values and cold resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius.

Highest level of safety

At the exit of Austria's longest Sunkid Moving Carpet, supervision is provided by Skiarena Wildkogel. To control the entry area as well, the cable cars installed camera surveillance. An intercom system is also available for announcements and announcements. In combination with all the safety features of the Sunkid conveyor belts, this ensures the highest level of safety.

Extension in the Kogel-Mogel Kinderland

The 243 m long Sunkid Moving Carpet enabled the Ski School Neukirchen to expand the Kogel-Mogel Kinderland. By connecting the Kaserboden to the existing Kinderland on the Wildkogel, the area of the ski school grounds was doubled. While five Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts were already available to guests for ski school lessons, there are now seven Sunkid Moving Carpet lifts from the Ski School Neukirchen and the Skiarena Wildkogel, as well as a Sunkid Rotondo ski and tubing carousel.


Ski school directors Maier Sepp and Dreier Hans are pleased with the expansion of the children's area at the Wildkogel top station. " Thanks to the expansion and the investment in Sunkid Moving Carpet, the Ski School Neukirchen was able to further increase the quality of children's and beginners' lessons!" reports Maier Sepp of the first experiences this season.


In the cooperation with the Skiarena Wildkogel and the Ski School Neukirchen, Sunkid was able to convince as a partner with quality and service.

Longest Sunkid Moving Carpet in Austria

  • Length: 243 m
  • Drive: 30 KW
  • Slope: Max. 23%
  • Conveyor belt width: 750 mm (standard 600 mm)
  • Conveyor belt surface: Sunkid Blue Eye
    • Combination of hard natural rubber and soft driving points
    • Cold resistance up to -40 degrees Celsius
  • Highest driver values
  • Sunkid "Radius" side exit
    • Reduction of shutdowns (safety gate replaces light barrier and shutdown flap)
    • No snow accumulation at the conveyor belt infeed, thus almost maintenance-free operation during daytime
    • The last middle section before the drive station is designed in a curved shape ("radius"), allowing the passenger to easily turn his winter sports equipment sideways at the highest point
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