243 METERS - Longest Moving Carpet in the Open Air

Winter adventure world in Willingen for the whole family with the support of Sunkid

Place: Willingen /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

In Willingen, in the German Sauerland, a fascinating project for the whole family was created! On the beautiful sunny slope near the Ritzhagen lift, up to 400 people were active at the same time in a wide variety of winter sports. No matter if beginner or advanced, skier or snowboarder, tobogganist or tuber - everybody had fun.

The multifunctional Sunkid Moving Carpet


In the search for an ascent aid for skiers and snowboarders but at the same time also for tobogganers and pedestrians, the Sunkid Moving Carpet was able to convince. The modern and easy ascent possibility for all active winter sportsmen and numerous fence guests underlines the multifunctionality of the Sunkid conveyor belt. In the best slope conditions, skiers and snowboarders cavort on one side of the conveyor belt, while tobogganers and tubers enjoy themselves on the opposite side. This is precisely why the 243-meter conveyor belt at the Ritzhagen lift in Willingen developed into a destination for the whole family.


Up to 100 people with skis, snowboards or toboggans were sometimes on the conveyor belt at the same time. This made it possible for up to 400 guests, who were in the winter adventure world in Willingen at the same time, to enjoy a smooth ride! On peak days, over 7,500 rides were counted on the Sunkid Moving Carpet.

243 METERS !!! - A challenge

When selecting the conveyor belt, the operators opted for the Sunkid Blue Eye with a width of 600 mm. The combination of a hard natural rubber base conveyor belt and soft vulcanized-on entrainment points guarantee the highest entrainment values and cold resistance down to -40 degrees Celsius. Projects with lengths of 200 meters and more are equipped by Sunkid with a 4-ply conveyor belt as standard. With a breaking load of 500 N/mm, this conveyor belt has a breaking load of more than 30 tons. In addition, the Sunkid conveyor belt used was closed on site by vulcanization to form an endless belt.


A 30 kW drive motor provides the necessary capacity for the longest Moving Carpet in the open air. Sunkid developed an active-hydraulic tensioning station with a force of 38,970 N (equivalent to 4 tons of tensioning force) to tension the conveyor belt over a length of 243 meters. The active-hydraulic tensioning station ensures reliable power transmission of the drive drum, smooth belt running and maximum operational reliability. The tension is adjusted to the changes in length of the conveyor belt due to temperature fluctuations and load changes. The tensioning path required for this is located in the deflection, which has a length of 2.36 m due to a special design.


The operators also opted for the patented Sunkid "Radius" side exit. The decisive factor was that the shutdowns of the conveyor belt can be minimized. This is only possible with the Sunkid side exit design, as the shutdown flap and light barrier are replaced by a safety gate in the exit area. This significantly increases operational safety, especially during snowfall!


Trend-setting Sunkid project

The Sunkid project in Willingen proves once again how successful it can be to create an offer for the whole family. No matter if skier or snowboarder, tobogganer or tuber there is something for everyone! And for the breaks, the sun terrace offers enough relaxation and a fantastic overview of the new Sunkid Moving Carpet. From planning to implementation, Sunkid was able to convince as a competent and reliable partner.

Longest Sunkid Moving Carpet in the open air:

  • Length: 243 m
  • Slope: Max. 23%
  • Drive: 30 KW
  • Conveyor belt characteristics:
    • Width: 600 mm
    • Surface: Sunkid Blue Eye
    • Combination of hard natural rubber and soft driving points
    • Cold resistance up to -40 degrees Celsius
    • Highest driver values
    • Vulcanization to an endless belt
    • 4-ply
    • Breaking load: 500 N/mm (equivalent to over 30 tons)
  • Tensioning distance in the deflection station: 2.36 m
  • Active-hydraulic tensioning station for adaptation to length changes due to temperature fluctuations and load changes
  • Tensioning force of the active-hydraulic tensioning station: 4 tons
  • Sunkid "Radius" side exit
    • Reduction of shutdowns (safety gate replaces light barrier and shutdown flap)
    • No snow accumulation at the conveyor belt infeed, thus almost maintenance-free operation during daytime
    • The last middle section in front of the drive station is designed in a curved shape ("radius"), allowing passengers to easily turn their winter sports equipment sideways at the highest point
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