With the Sunkid Moving Carpet to the Schwemmalm 111 m long Sunkid conveyor belt

The winter season 2009 brings numerous innovations to the Schwemmalm.

Place: Pracupola BZ /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

Next to the newly built 8-person gondola, a new beginner's area was created below the top station. There, skiers and snowboarders have access to an innovative Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belt for the return ascent, which is also used as a return system. With a length of 111 meters and the gallery conveyor belt roofing, this Moving Carpet becomes the visual highlight on the Schwemmalm. Surrounded by a breathtaking mountain backdrop at 2,000 meters above sea level, the ride on the Moving Carpet becomes a fascinating experience!


Beginners benefit from the new offer The Sunkid Moving Carpet is mainly used by ski or snowboard beginners. The first steps on snow are known to be the most difficult, so beginners benefit from a simple and easy ascent. For this reason, the Schwemmalm decided to install a Sunkid conveyor belt.


The 111-meter Moving Carpet reaches the theoretical capacity of 1,400 skiers or snowboarders per hour thanks to an 18.5 KW drive motor. In addition, the operators of Ultner Ski- und Sesselbahnen GmbH opted for the Sunkid Gallery conveyor belt canopy. The Sunkid Gallery can be installed on any model of Sunkid Moving Carpet and can also be retrofitted to existing installations. Thanks to the proven modular design, concave and convex terrain is no obstacle for the Sunkid Gallery. This highlight not only serves as a visual eye-catcher in any ski resort, but also has numerous advantages for the operation and maintenance of the Sunkid Moving Carpet. Passengers are protected from snow, rain, wind and cold. For the operator, there is no need to clean the snow before commissioning.

Through new Moving Carpet

Not only the modern facilities on the Schwemmalm make guests go into raptures, but also the excellent gastronomy. Until now, however, visitors to the Schwemmalm mountain restaurant could only walk back to the top station of the cable car. Thanks to the new Moving Carpet, guests now have the opportunity to cover this distance easily and comfortably. This return solution is very well received by guests and the new service increases guest satisfaction.


With the 111-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet, two projects were successfully completed with an innovative solution. The first experiences were already convincing, whether large or small guests, all were fascinated and excited to be able to use the new Sunkid conveyor belt.

Description Sunkid Gallery Conveyor Belt Canopy

  • Modular construction where the heaviest part weighs 25 kg.
    This allows the entire gallery to be assembled and disassembled by two people.
  • passage width max. 2.2 m - interior height 2.3 m
  • entrances and exits every 1.8 m with a passage width of 1.2 m, which can be closed with self-retracting tarpaulins in high quality truck tarpaulin quality.
  • specially designed and manufactured aluminum profile with the following advantages
    • low weight (one module weighs 25 kg - can be moved by one person)
    • high load capacity (wind speed up to 185 km/h, snow load up to 1m)
    • polycarbonate panes can be fixed without drilling and screwing
  • high quality UV-resistant polycarbonate panes
    (thickness 3 mm)
  • connecting dome between the aluminum modules allows adjustment to concave and convex railings up to +/- 5 % per 3 m
  • 40 cm gangway widening on both sides in proven Sunkid standard design - solid metal design with high-quality snow fleece covering
  • robust, galvanized side walls, which are 20 cm above
    conveyor belt and snow level and prevent possible damage to the polycarbonate panes by snow removal, piste equipment and winter sports equipment.
  • Lockable end doors made of high-quality aluminum profile construction
  • Visual enhancement
    (tarpaulins can be supplied in all RAL colors)
  • Can also be retrofitted to already installed
    conveyor belts already installed
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