Ski Kinderland Malbipark shines in new splendor Bergbahnen Malbun (LIE)

Large children's land expansion with BORER Lift AG

Place: Malbun /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

Before the winter season 2009, the ski children's area of the Malbun mountain railroads was redesigned in cooperation with BORER Lift AG. From kindergarten to advanced skiers are well catered for. While the little ones have a newly built after-school care center with a warm-up room, playrooms and a small restaurant at their disposal, the skiers can take advantage of the innovative learning and climbing aids on the slopes. Children will learn their first turns on a Rotondo ski and tubing carousel and a Moving Carpet conveyor belt, and later they will move on to the Comfort Star platter bar lift. All around well cared for, in the ski children's land Malbipark!

Already more than 4 years ago, the Malbipark project was launched, in the awareness that the Malbun mountain railroads must expand and adapt the offer for children and families accordingly. In cooperation with the company BORER Lift AG, a suitable location was sought where children could make their first turns.

The mountain railroads decided to adapt the space of the existing beginners' area and to equip it appropriately for children. For the toddlers, an after-school care center was built with a warm-up room and play areas. But also in front of the nursery a playground was built in the middle of the snow. This is combined with the Rotondo ski and tubing carousel. While the skiers can improve their cornering technique with the Rotondo, the children are much more interested in the tubing fun.

The improved offer also benefits the on-site Ski School. The new lifts make lessons easier and the children's learning success is increased. The ski lessons start at the Moving Carpet conveyor belt with 39 m length. This was equipped with a 7.5 KW drive motor, which means that this belt can also be extended at a later date. In Malbun, it was also decided to use the patented "Radius" side exit and a wider conveyor belt with 750 mm (standard 600 mm).

To the top with the platter bar lift!

In order to be able to ski the entire practice slope, advanced skiers switch to the Comfort Star platter bow lift. The lift speed can be adjusted to the level of the passengers at any time thanks to the stepless adjustability. The disc bar is a very special feature of the BORER lifts. Due to the rotatable bearing on the steel cable, the bracket can be perfectly adjusted to the size of the passenger or to the cable height. The plate bar provides stabilization and countless application possibilities for the guests - plate between the legs, grab handle on the side or anchor in the back. This makes it very easy, especially for the little ones, to get to the top safely. Snowboarders also appreciate the flexibility of the plate bar.

The Malbi Park has also been equipped with numerous items from the Sunkid Sunny Stuff range. Customized foam figures with the Malbi Park mascot were made for the Malbi slalom. The children are thrilled and the parents are happy too! The Malbipark project, which was developed in cooperation with Bergbahnen Malbun and BORER Lift AG, was a complete success in its first year!

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