Hohsi Snowland opens its doors

Bergbahnen Hohsaas AG builds new "Hohsi" children's land with BORER

Place: Saas-Grund /Year: 2009 / Product: Moving Carpet

Children decide where the vacation is spent! Precisely for this reason, ski destinations are striving to create a convincing offer for children and young people! To meet the ever-increasing demands, the Begbahnen Hohsaas developed an innovative concept for the new "Hohsi" Kinderland! In winter, children and teenagers of all ages romp around to learn their first turns on skis or snowboard. In summertime, this area becomes an adventure playground and a sought-after meeting place for families.

Intensive planning with BORER

The construction of a new children's area for winter and also summer operation requires, in addition to a coherent concept, exact planning and good preparation. Bergbahnen Hohsaas took the necessary time for this and started planning the new children's area at an early stage. In cooperation with BORER Lift AG and its managing director DI (FH) Axel Halder, it was possible to visit numerous reference installations in the winters beforehand.

The terrain at Kreuzboden first had to be adapted for the upcoming requirements. For this purpose, BORER Lift AG carried out numerous surveys and created a 3D model for better visualization. The necessary terrain corrections resulted in a significant improvement of the existing area, which means that the mountain railroads now have more space available for the children's area.

138 m Moving Carpet

For the new "Hohsi" Snowland, the mountain railroads needed above all new, child-friendly lifts. Here BORER Lift AG convinced with quality, reliability and successful reference projects. For this reason, Bergbahnen Hohsaas decided on a 138 m long Sunkid Moving Carpet as the central lift aid. Powered by an 18.5 KW motor and equipped with the specially developed "Blue Eye" conveyor belt, the Moving Carpet guarantees a safe ascent for all guests of the new Kinderland.

The Moving Carpet is equipped with three control points (valley, mountain and monitoring station) and thus offers even more safety. Furthermore, a practical pit was built below the drive station, creating more space for snow deposits. This facilitates maintenance and service of the system during operation.

In cooperation with BORER Lift AG, the expansion of the "Hohsi" Kinderland for winter and summer activities caters even more to the target group of families and children. This is an important building block in the strategy of Bergbahnen Hohsaas AG, because today's children are also tomorrow's snow sports enthusiasts!

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