Mega Star conquers Ehrwalder Alm

Sunkid Mega Star enriches the lift offer of the Ehrwalder Almbahn (Zugspitze Tirol)

Place: Ehrwald /Year: 2010 / Product: Lifts

In addition to the already existing Kinderland at the top station of the Ehrwalderalm, the existing rope lift was replaced with a Sunkid Mega Star in 2009 to provide better practice opportunities for beginners.


There is something for everyone in the Ehrwalder Alm family ski area. From Kinderland, which is equipped with two Sunkid Moving Carpet and the new Sunkid Mega Star for beginners in the practice area, to flat slopes for slightly advanced skiers, to a black slope for good winter sports enthusiasts. In the ski area there is also a fun park for skiers and snowboarders.

Beginners can use the new Sunkid Mega Star next to the Ehrwalder Almbahn mountain station since this season. The simple and safe use convinces the guests from the first ascent and also the operators benefit due to the great advantages of the new Mega Star. For piste preparation, the lift stations can be raised up to 5 meters, allowing the lift track to be easily worked with the piste machine. Powered by an 11 KW motor, the Sunkid Mega Star is capable of transporting up to 720 people/hour at a lift speed of 0.1-1.8 meters per second. The lift does not require any additional supports besides the top and bottom stations, can reach a length of up to 350 meters and can be used up to a gradient of 40%.

The platter shackle used on the Mega Star is characterized by its high degree of variability. Due to the rotatable bearing on the steel rope, the stirrup can adapt perfectly to the size of the passenger or to the rope height. Furthermore, there are various possibilities for the winter sportsman to use the hanger - plate between the legs, grab handle on the side or anchor in the back.

Not only the plate lift, but the entire range of Sunkid lifts is variable in its potential applications and can be adapted to the individual wishes of the customer. Whether it is a practice lift for ski schools, the use as a supply and return lift, or customized solutions, all possibilities are open to the customer.

Description of the Sunkid Mega Star:

  • Length up to approx. 350m
  • Drive: 4 - 11 KW depending on length
  • incline: max. 40
  • speed: 0,1 - 1,8 m/sec.
  • theor. capacity: up to 720 pers/h
  • Electr. speed adjustment by frequency converter
  • Switchgear plug-in and portable
  • Overtravel safety devices valley and mountain fixed on station
  • Certified according to EU Directive 2000/9/EC
  • Motorized height adjustment of the top and bottom station up to 5m height
    • Easy preparation by snow groomer
    • Adaptation to snow depths
    • Adaptation to passengers
      (children or adults)
  • Wheel inclination adjustable by motor
  • Galvanized steel rope 9mm diameter
  • Plate bracket rotatably mounted on the rope
  • Mounting on foundation plates
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