A new Sunkid Moving Carpet enriches the offer for beginners in Aprica

Rich offer for ski beginners in Aprica

Place: Aprica /Year: 2010 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Aprica ski area is located in the north of Lombardy and despite the mild climate, the area is very snow-sure. In previous years, beginners and children frolicked in the valley in their first attempts to learn to ski and did not get to enjoy the magnificent panorama on the mountain. Since last winter - with the installation of the new Sunkid Moving Carpet - even slightly advanced beginners can now practice in the face of the fantastic panorama.

In addition to the two existing Sunkid installations with 63 and 72m in the valley, this year a further 72m long and 75 cm wide covered belt was added on the mountain next to the top station of the gondola lift. An 11kW motor is used as the drive for the way up. When selecting the conveyor belt, the "blue eye" variant was chosen. The "blue eye" super grip conveyor belt guarantees perfect grip values and is an in-house development by Sunkid. Also an in-house development is the Sunkid conveyor belt canopy.

The operator benefits from both options thanks to first-class grip values, reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements, and minimized shutdowns even in heavy snowfall. Furthermore, the gallery allows for maximum operational safety even in the most adverse conditions and at the same time offers the best comfort for winter sports enthusiasts who are protected from snow, rain, wind or cold! Despite the protective roofing, guests are able to enjoy the unobstructed view of the mountains due to the UV-resistant polycarbonate panels used in the construction of the roofing.

Top-currently, the polycarbonate can also be ordered in an orange color. On the one hand, this visually enhances the gallery, and on the other hand, it turns the ride on the Moving Carpet into a "sunny" experience even in cloudy weather conditions.

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