Summer tubing Teichland
Sunkid as a full-service provider of a turnkey summer tubing facility with Moving Carpet at Teichland Adventure Park
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Sunkid builds a facility for summer tubing

Place: Teichland /Year: 2011 / Product: Moving Carpet / Tubing

After Sunkid won the public tender of the municipality of Teichland (D/near Cottbus), the Austrian-based company was entrusted with the complete handling of the service chain for the construction of a summer tubing facility. Since early summer of last year, a tubing track with a length of more than 120 meters and 4 steep curves has been available to visitors. The start of the track is reached by a 106-meter Moving Carpet, which is also used as a feeder for the so-called "MonsterRoller" facility.

Moving Carpet conveyor belt
106 m
11 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
Ø Gradient :
17 %
Capacity :
2000 pph

For more than seven years, Sunkid has already included summer tubing facilities in its product range. Winter sports destinations often make use of this (mobile) offer, as the Moving Carpet and the Tubes can also be used in summer. The advantage for the operator is that the Moving Carpet can be used all year round and the attractiveness of the destination for guests can also be increased.

However, the starting situation for the Teichland facility was completely different. This adventure park near Cottbus is open almost all year round and offers visitors all kinds of opportunities to spend a varied day. It is divided into different adventure worlds that invite visitors to experience, explore and experience. As part of the expansion of the "Experience" area, Sunkid was commissioned to build a summer tubing facility. As the adventure park is open to visitors for ten months of the year, this was to be permanently installed - and blend harmoniously into the landscape.

The complete responsibility for the service chain to be provided in the form of planning, production, delivery, turnkey assembly and final TÜV inspection lay in the hands of those responsible at Sunkid.

The CAD drawing created together with landscape planners gives an idea of the size of the facility already on the drawing board ©Sunkid The project was designed in close cooperation with landscape planners using CAD drawings. The result is a tubing facility more than 120 meters long with four steep curves. A 106-meter Moving Carpet serves as a feeder, which is at the same level as the surrounding green space. This was made possible by the partial sinking of the conveyor belt construction into the ground as well as a lateral sheeting of the conveyor belt. With a speed of up to 0.7m/s, the passengers are transported upwards, where they can then comfortably reach the start of the tubing system directly by means of a side exit.

Just as the further production, delivery and assembly by Sunkid went off without a hitch, the technical acceptance of the entire system by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Agency) was also successful and was approved without any complaints. With the successful implementation of this project, Sunkid was able to impressively prove that the company has succeeded in reliably transferring the expertise in the construction of tubing facilities that it had previously acquired in ski resorts to leisure and adventure parks.

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