A Sunkid-Borer Mega Comfort Star enriches the range of lifts on Malojapas

The height-adjustable MEGA COMFORT STAR

Place: Maloja /Year: 2011 / Product: Lifts
  • Length up to approx. 350m
  • Drive: 4 - 11 KW depending on length
  • gradient: max. 40
  • speed: 0,1 - 1,8 m/sec.
  • theor. capacity: up to 720 pers/h
  • Electr. speed adjustment by frequency converter
  • Switchgear plug-in and portable
  • Overtravel safety devices valley and mountain fixed on station
  • Certified according to EU Directive 2000/9/EC
  • Motorized height adjustment of the top and bottom station up to 5m height
    • Adaptation to snow depth
    • Easy preparation by snow groomer
    • Adaptation to passengers (children or adults)
  • Wheel inclination adjustable by motor
  • Galvanized steel rope 9mm diameter
  • Plate bracket rotatably mounted on the rope
  • Mounting on foundation plates
The Sunkid Mega Comfort Star at a glance:
350 m
11 kW
max. Speed:
1.8 m/sec
Ø Gradient :
40 %
Capacity :
720 pph

Thanks to its favorable geographical position, the Maloja Pass, as part of the Engadin-St.Moritz ski area, is one of the most snow-sure but also sunniest areas in Switzerland. Amidst plenty of natural snow, winter sports enthusiasts not only have winter hiking trails and cross-country skiing tracks at their disposal, but also a newly built Mega-Comfort Star platter lift from Sunkid-Borer with variable height adjustment.


The easy and safe use of the Mega Comfort Star platter lift convinces the guests from the first ascent. But the operator also benefits from the advantages of the Mega Comfort Star. Both stations can be raised by motor up to 5 meters, allowing the lift track to be easily prepared with the snow groomer and the rope height to be adjusted to the respective snow depths. With the Sunkid Mega Comfort Star, driven by an 11 KW motor, it is possible to transport up to 720 people/hour with a lift speed of 0.1-1.8 meters per second. The lift does not require any additional supports besides the top and bottom stations, can reach a length of up to 350 meters and can be used up to a gradient of 40%.

The Sunkid Mega-Comfort Star also shines with other features, such as the innovative disc-shaped bar, which significantly increases the operating comfort of the passengers. The rotating bearing of the stirrup on the steel rope allows it to adapt perfectly to the size of the passenger or to the rope height. This gives the winter sports enthusiast a wide variety of options for using the stirrup - whether the plate between the legs, as a handhold on the side or as an anchor in the back.

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