Alytus (Lithuania): The Moving Carpet opens up another summer tubing track
Another summer tubing project was realized by our partner NEVEPLAST in Lithuania!

The newly built Sunkid summer tubing facilities provide lots of fun for young and old alike

Place: Alytus /Year: 2011 / Product: Tubing

Four years ago, the first adventure park in Lithuania called "Tarzanija" (Tarzan) opened its doors. As the name suggests, the original area consists of a high ropes course. But gradually other attractions were installed. This year it was a summer tubing facility with tracks of different lengths and steepness. The lift came in the form of a Moving Carpet from Sunkid.

Alytus is a medium-sized city in the south of Lithuania, relatively close to the capital Vilnius. On the way to Alytus, dense forests alternate with large and small lakes in a dreamlike landscape. The city of Alytus itself is crossed by the river Neman. On its bank, in the immediate vicinity of the city, Lithuania's first adventure park was opened four years ago. This park, named "Tarzan", offers a high ropes course for all skill levels and the longest flying fox in Europe. Gradually, the park was expanded with other attractions. Since this summer, there is another highlight, which visitors have accepted with joy. In the immediate vicinity of the park's entrance, Sunkid partner NEVEPLAST built four summer tubing tracks of varying lengths, with a total length of 320 meters and varying gradients and speeds. As a special feature, a huge air cushion was installed at the end of one track, where passengers can land softly after 4 to 6 meters of air. The four lanes are accessed by a Sunkid Moving Carpet with a length of 54 meters.

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