Elm (Glarus/CH) Towards the sun

2 Sunkid Moving Carpet open up the newly built children's arena on the "sun terrace" of the ski area

Place: Elm /Year: 2013 / Product: Moving Carpet

For 40 years, beginner skiers in Elm had to be weatherproof when learning to ski. After all, the Eggli-Tellerlift was located on the valley floor, which was mostly in the shade for the entire winter due to the surrounding mountains. But that has come to an end since this winter.

Sportbahnen Elm (Glarus/CH)
Development Kinderland
135 m
750 mm
Blue eye surface
18.5 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/s
Ø Gradient :
20 %
Capacity :
2472 pph

"It has been the dream of Sportbahnen Elm for quite some time to move the beginners' area in Eggli up the mountain and transform it into a larger children's arena," reveals Bruno Landolt, managing director of Sportbahnen Elm. By moving the children's arena " to the sunny 1st floor" of the ski area, it has now been possible to create comfortable conditions that are enjoyed by both children and families.

A considerable contribution to the increase of the comfort for the beginners takes over thereby the two Moving Carpet of Sunkid with a total length of 135 meters, which open the three runways with different terrain inclinations. The successful image of the new children's arena is rounded off by a wide range of ski school aids, seating areas and a tepee.

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