Moving Carpet: VARIOS wooden gallery in the Junior Ski Circus

Mitterfirmiansreut (D): Since this winter the already existing three Moving Carpet in the Junior Ski Circus and the new 180m long conveyor belt are covered by the Sunkid wooden gallery VARIOS

Place: Philippsreut /Year: 2013 / Product: Moving Carpet

The family ski area around the relatively low Almberg (1139 m) is often referred to as the "Glacier of the Bavarian Forest" due to its guaranteed snow. However, to ensure that families and beginners really feel at home there, the Junior Ski Circus was already designed together with Sunkid in 2008. Since then, there has been the lovingly furnished children's land with a total of three Sunkid Moving Carpet, a Rotondo carousel and many, many figures from the Sunny Stuff range. To make the guests' stay even more comfortable, four wooden VARIOS galleries with a total length of 330 meters have been protecting the passengers and all four Moving Carpet from wind and weather since this winter. The basic idea of the Sunkid gallery VARIOS is the flexible combination of different materials however with wood as central building material. Specifically, wood glulam elements are installed, which are connected to a solid, fully galvanized metal substructure. Three millimeter thick polycarbonate serves as panes.

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