Wood'n'Fun: New themed hiking trail in Sölden
connects 14 huts and alpine pastures

Sölden (AUT) recognizes "the signs of the times" and stages a unique summer highlight in the Ötztal with the ALMZEIT as a themed hiking trail for the whole family

Place: Sölden /Year: 2013 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

ALMZEIT SÖLDEN has recently been inviting visitors to play, have fun, relax and enjoy. The diversity of the 14 participating huts and alpine pastures is presented in the form of special attractions on the theme of "time" along the new themed hiking trail on the alpine pastures high above Sölden. The theme ALMZEIT, developed by the project development company Input, was elaborated together with Sunkid and cast into a detailed concept. The implementation of the individual attractions was carried out by Sunkid together with partner Almholz.

Coherent theme for each Alm

Before the craftsmen got down to work building the attractions and play equipment, the cooperation partners Input and Sunkid thought about how the stations on the trail could best be designed in terms of content. The result was appropriate themes with names like "Nature Time," "Play Time," "Music Time" and "Water Time. Visible signs of ALMZEIT SÖLDEN for the hikers are, for example, an oversized double bass, an outdoor skittles game, a "climbing antler", three large climbing crystals or an 800 kilogram mountain shoe.

Playable lettering

In addition to large information boards, there is also a three-meter high "ALMZEIT" lettering at the middle station of the Gaislachkoglbahn cable car. This is also equipped with a slide, climbing facility and lounger. A motor skills course - the so-called running time - on the other side of the middle station, awaits with twelve exciting stations where children and adults can test their skills.

Initiative for the mountain summer

The project is supported by the 14 participating mountain hut owners, the local committee of the Ötztal Tourism Association and Bergbahnen Sölden. "Almzeit is not intended to be a one-off campaign, but a project that develops over several years. If our alpine pastures and huts can present an attractive offer in summer, then the hotels and guesthouses in the valley will also benefit," says Carmen Fender, Marketing Manager of Ötztal Tourism.

At the Gaislachkoglbahn mid-station there is a motor skills training course consisting of twelve stations for children and adults. The course leads over wobbly beams, a balancing course, hovering rings and a balancing net to a viewing platform as the finish. Playfully one trains the motor abilities and develops at the same time a more intense body feeling.

The opportunity to relax can also be found along the way. Between the individual huts and alpine pastures, along the paths there are several ergonomic wooden relaxation loungers and shapely benches in Almzeit design. Time to relax and really enjoy the rest.

Forest time

  • Nomen est omen in the Almdorf Waldesruh. Apart from the "sound" of the forest. And - sorry, Mr. Cuckoo! - what is more characteristic than the knocking of a woodpecker? That could, however, also come from the three wooden feathered friends with which young birders can simulate the tapping of the beak. Not bad, Mr. Woodpecker!

Hunting season

  • The new "Ötzi 3000" archery course is a sure-fire leisure activity for the whole family. You can be as curious as a bow about the culinary offerings and the musical event program in Bubi's Almhütte. And the children whiz like an arrow to the huge, wooden deer antlers, between whose ends a climbing net stretches.

Nature time

  • It's not called Sonneck for nothing - the alpine inn is truly a box seat to nature. Here, explorers big and small enjoy family hospitality and gain insight into the wild and romantic nature of the Ötztal mountains. Speaking of with child & cone: At the outdoor cone game, the aim is to clear as many as possible!

Viewing time

  • Did the eagle on the mountain peak over there wink now? And what's that colorful animal down in the valley? Oh, a hiker. The beautiful views are so close - thanks to the XXL telescope at the Heidealm. But even without the "eye-catcher", the view into the distance is overwhelming and also extremely tasty on the sun terrace.

History time

  • A historyless time is a faceless time. Not at the Edelweißhütte, because there's a history lesson in old pictures. What was it like back then, how did people live here in the past? You can hear how they once talked anyway, because the Ötztal dialect is a highly living world cultural heritage. The food? As good and genuine as it was back then!

Animal time

  • At eye level with nature: At Alpengasthof Gaislach Alm, generations have an animal good time. Not only on the original attraction "Schaukelfisch", but also in and around the house with pony rides, petting zoo and trout pond. The innkeepers serve delicacies from the kitchen, while the eye enjoys the mountain panorama.

Precious stone time

  • Really noble, just the name: The Almferienclub Silbertal houses Tyrol's largest mineral museum. Because it's better to look at them with the eyes, but children like to touch things, there are three really big climbing crystals in different shapes and colors outside. And there is so much more to discover...

Potato time

  • Ever eaten in a fried potato hut? Actually, here in the Ötztal it is called Erdäpfel (potatoes). No matter, the main thing is that it tastes good. Because the landlords of the Goldegg Alm make such great things out of the tuber, there's a fitting, playable monument. Children can climb the large, springy potato, bob and swing on it.

Music time

  • Alm & music belong together like bacon & bread. For centuries, people have been singing and playing on the mountains - rustic, groovy, bearish. Will you also meet three Chinese people at the Löple Alm with the literally playable double bass in XL format? Quite possibly, because music is a language that is spoken all over the world.


  • This is really something for Stub'nhocker: conviviality, good food, fantastic views and all of this can be reached in a very short time with the Gaislachkoglbahn. The Stub'nzeit in the Almstube is not only a mountain experience for big and small Stubentiger in good weather, but also when the sun turns blue - at home, behind the clouds, in their parlor.


  • Lively alpine farming, lots of music and home cooking with character: on the Gampe Thaya the "Marenden", i.e. the classic small Tyrolean meal, is definitely genuine and "guat". Guaranteed not to be a cheese is that oversized piece of Emmentaler, which with a lot of skill and patience can be played with across the generations.


  • Food, mountains & views, in short: Sonnblick. Here is time for playing, resting and resting, each according to his taste. A panoramic playground with a petting zoo captivates the little hikers. Mom and dad lie in the hammocks all around and watch their offspring play in a relaxed way.

Summit time

  • It's summit time at the top. The view is breathtaking. The effort was worth it. Now what good from the map of the Rotkogelhütte, the head to the sun and out of the hiking boots. And over there a giant has probably taken off his? No, the thing in no longer measurable shoe size is a play equipment for the young mountain fexes.

Water time

  • It gets elementary at the Hühnersteig'n: While the parents enjoy Tyrolean specialties or tread water at the Kneipp, the children spray fountains into the air with really big water pistols operated by hand pumps. It's also exciting to shoot at the giant target. Who is better, dad or boy, mom or girl?
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