Moving Carpet: Sunkid boat conveyor for white water athletes

Vienna (AUT): Sunkid designs and installs a boat conveyor for the "Neue Donau" white water facility

Place: Wien /Year: 2013 / Product: Moving Carpet

A white water facility is used as an artificial white water course for training and competitions of white water paddling. At the end of some of these facilities, the only option for the athletes is to paddle to shore and bring their sports equipment back to the start on foot. Others, however, of the approximately 70 facilities worldwide, offer the convenience of a boat conveyor. At these, athletes can remain seated in their boats after the trip and use the conveyor belt to get back to the start.

A few weeks ago, in the course of the opening of the white water facility "Neue Donau" in Vienna, a boat conveyor designed and manufactured by Sunkid was handed over to its intended use. Due to the special positioning of the conveyor belt (a part of the entire conveyor belt construction is 100% under water), very special challenges arose. But the Sunkid technicians solved them with flying colors. They were helped here by their years of experience with more than 3,000 Moving Carpet installations, most of which have to operate under the most extreme (weather) conditions.

Summer/winter - temperature: +30°C to -15°C
31 m
2 mm
Supergrip profile
15 kW
max. Speed:
0.15 m/s
Ø Gradient :
7 %
Products in use
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Moving Carpet
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