Moving Carpet as a drag lift replacement

Hochkar (AUT): Two Sunkid Moving Carpet with EVOLUS gallery open up the newly created children's area

Place: Göstling an der Ybbs /Year: 2014 / Product: Moving Carpet

Only 150 km away from Vienna, the skiing area Göstling-Hochkar presents itself as the largest and most snow-sure skiing area of the Austrian Pre-Alps. Due to the proximity to the provincial capital, many of Vienna's residents take their first steps in the snow at Hochkar. In order to offer these ski beginners an ideal environment, the children's area or beginners' area has now been newly built and adapted. Where previously a T-bar lift transported beginners to the top, there is now a 93-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet with a belt width of 750mm and another 39 meters long and 600mm wide. Both are covered with the EVOLUS gallery.

Hochkar (AUT)
Development of ski school area
93 m
750 mm
Blue eye surface
15 kW
max. Speed:
0.7 m/sec
Ø Gradient :
17 %
Capacity :
1660 pph

The basic technical innovations of the Sunkid EVOLUS gallery at a glance:

  • The spacing of the arches is individually adjustable (1.5m- 2.5m) and can thus be adjusted to the snow and wind loads at optimal cost. In addition, the individual spacing (larger distance) of the arches gives an even freer feeling of space inside the gallery.
  • Individual optical design is possible (polycarbonate only, polycarbonate - aluminum - wood, polycarbonate - aluminum, polycarbonate - plastics, etc.).
  • The aluminum arches can optimally compensate for differences in inclination due to their width
  • Special rubber profiles ensure optimal sealing of the gallery and efficiently prevent water penetration.
  • A special fastening groove on the outside of the gallery enables individual design of the arches (wooden cladding, etc.)
  • The special fastening system of the plastic discs allows "screwless" fastening. (easy replacement, easy maintenance,...)
  • Various extensions and retrofits are easily possible due to the rectangular polycarbonate shape and the simple fastening (e.g. foils for advertising purposes, photovoltaic modules,....) Sliding doors or roll-up tarpaulins are possible at lateral emergency exits and entrance-exits
  • Larger distances of the lateral emergency exits (e.g. every 18m at the Planai project) possible due to larger interior cubatures.
  • The aluminum profiles as well as the polycarbonate can be designed in any color (e.g. aluminum profile powder-coated in anthracite and orange polycarbonate panes).
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