Moving Carpet: On a voyage of discovery with the Sunkid Moving Carpet

Sattel-Hochstuckli (CH): The Sunkid Moving Carpet finds another kind of application as part of an experience staging in a 120 meter long tunnel.

Place: Sattel /Year: 2015 / Product: Moving Carpet

The Moving Carpet from Sunkid is already widely known as a lift aid in children's ski areas and as a logistics solution within ski resorts. A new type of application is found for the Person Conveyor Belt from Sunkid in Sattel/ Hochstuckli(CH) as part of an experience staging in a 120 meter long tunnel.

The Sattel-Hochstuckli recreation area in Switzerland is a successful and innovative public attraction, which is open all year round and mainly targets families as well as day-trippers.

The "Rondos", four mascots modeled after the round gondolas that rotate during the ride, represent the four seasons and underline the concept of the year-round attraction.

In order to increase the number of visitors even further, the simplification of the visitor flow was already achieved last fall with a return tunnel that was largely laid under the surface of the earth. The 120-meter-long Sunkid Moving Carpet installed in the tunnel serves as the central access point between Kinderland (with the Sunkid PinoCord and Comfort Star small ski lifts), the gondola mountain station with restaurant, and Bambiniland. Further use of the facility is planned for the summer.

The Moving Carpet, which is also designed for summer use and is completely embedded in asphalt, receives its energy from an ECO photovoltaic system with 8.5 kWp, which allows for self-sufficient operation of the conveyor belt.

During the two-minute ride, there is then unexpected and exciting life to discover! In a witty way, a tunnel display developed by the Swiss agency Steiner-Sarner makes visible what is actually happening underground around the tunnel. Barely immersed in the tunnel, visitors notice as they pass by how "pictures" at various points on the tunnel wall provide a view of the earth that lies behind the tunnel wall. These eight large pictures in the form of large windows show an illustrated underground tunnel system with many roots, numerous stones as well as various animals that live, build nests, sleep and move around there. Mole, mice, woodlice, earthworms, snails, ants, beetles - but also fox, ermine, badger and squirrel populate the illustrated realm.

As a surprise, the "rondos" join the earth dwellers. The partially moving images make the use of the tunnel entertaining and varied. In order to ensure that the play, which is thematically suitable for both summer and winter, remains exciting even if the tunnel is used several times, the fixed "earth windows" are supplemented by moving images of the rondos, as well as by an acoustic installation. The staging, which can be used all year round, is a very nice example of the many uses that a Person Conveyor Belt can offer. Also outside of a ski children's land.

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