Family Rides: It doesn't always have to be a theme park: Sunkid Skydive in a shopping center

The Sunkid Skydive has already been installed over 250 times worldwide; the majority of them in traditional theme parks. An application outside of that we present to you here.

Place: Bratislava /Year: 2015 / Product: Family Rides

In the newly built shopping center Bory Mall (Bratislava/Slovakia), the largest play tower in Central Europe was built for the children in the outdoor area. On five floors, children can let off steam on various play and climbing equipment, tunnels and a wide variety of slides. Even an integrated tubing track, there called Donut Glider, opens up a completely new sliding experience for the children.

The highlight, however, is undoubtedly the Sunkid Skydive, which allows children to fly over the entire play area in front of the shopping center at a height of 7 meters. This provides a little adrenaline for the children and also a lot of fun for the adults. This also turns a trip to the shopping center into entertainment for the whole family.

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