Tube and Raft conveyor belt in Hot Go Park (CHN)

Two Sunkid conveyor belts transport the tubes back to the start of the slide tower

Place: Fushun /Year: 2017 / Product: Moving Carpet

Sunkid installed two conveyor belts with a total length of around 110 meters for Wiegand-Maelzer's slide installation at the Hot Go Park in Fushun (China). One of the two conveyor belts has a slight "kink" in the ascent area to allow for ideal routing.
Both conveyor belts pick up the tubes in the landing basin and transport them to the top - so no additional feed conveyor belt is needed. This is ensured on the one hand by the innovative BLUE EYE surface, and on the other hand by the safety devices present in the feed area.
Sensors also ensure that conveying only takes place when the tubes have been removed from the upper removal area.

Facts about Sunkid Tube conveyor belt system in Hot Go Park Fushun:

  • 2 conveyor belts of 56m and 53 meters in length.
  • Belt width 60 cm, suitable for 78" 4-person tubes
  • Continuous conveyor belts from landing pool to extraction area
  • Demand controlled conveying
  • gravity roller tracks with all-side rollers at unloading area
  • BLUE EYE belt surface for reliable transport of the tube from the landing basin

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