Amusement Technology - Coaster Train - Wonderla Park Hyderabad (IND)
New train at Hyderabad theme park (IND)

Sunkid is already installing the second Sunkid Heege SCT1200 train for Wonderla Holidays in India

Place: Telangana /Year: 2018 / Product: Amusement Technology

Wonderla Holidays Limited is a leading company in the design and operation of theme parks in India. In addition to the flagship park in Bangalore, the company operates two other parks, all of which are among the most popular destinations in India.

For the two parks in Bangalore and Hyderabad, two Boomerang tracks were built by the customer. The trains previously used there have now each been replaced by a Sunkid SCT1200 train. The much more open seating position, coupled with unprecedented smoothness and a comfortable restraint system, impressed visitors from the very first moment.

Interesting: Due to the many water attractions in the Wonderla parks, most visitors do not wear shoes. Such challenges are taken into account in Sunkid's customized trains and mastered with smart detailed solutions. The running wheels and lubricating greases have also been adapted to the sometimes extremely high temperatures. This results in a service life of 20,000 rides for side and mating wheels in this application - a fantastic value compared to the previous version.

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