Tower with interactive magic wand
An exciting option for both new installations and as a retrofit on existing tower installations.

A spectacular feature makes the tower even more interactive.

Place: Minden /Year: 2018 / Product: Family Rides

A high degree of interactivity has been one of the trademarks of Sunkid's (formerly Heege) family rides for over 40 years. For Georg Dobler, Product Manager Sunkid Family Rides, this is also one of the reasons for the sustained success of the rides: "Not just passively using a ride, but actively experiencing it means a much more intense experience for guests."

At Pottspark in Minden, Germany, the "Buntstift" is a Sunkid Tower that stands out even more clearly from many other rides. Each of the 4 double-seated "gondolas" is equipped with a magic wand. With this wand you have to aim and hit over 100 targets placed on trees around the tower. The objective is to hit as many targets as possible and collect as many points as possible.

Teamwork is required. The targets are located at different heights and angles around the tower. While one passenger pulls the double seat up or lets it slide slowly down, his partner takes over the magic wand and goes on a points hunt. At the end of the ride, the collected points are displayed on the scoreboard and can be compared with other passengers or even the high score of the day, month or year.

At Pottspark, the tower is operated as a "stand alone" ride without the direct supervision of an operator. Sensors in the bars register the closing or opening and automatically transmit this data to the computer. Thus, start and end as well as the final point evaluation are done completely automatically and without additional personnel costs.

Tip: The staging as a crayon as in the Pottspark is of course only one of numerous possibilities. For example, animatronics can also be brought to life or other effects triggered by a "magic wand".

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