New Wooden Ball Tracks at Kristberg in Silver Steel

Where once shiny silver was mined, today a unique range of experiences makes children's eyes sparkle

Place: Silbertal /Year: 2018 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

Once upon a time, miners mined the shiny precious metal on the Kristberg in the Silbertal in Montafon and ensured the prosperity of the region. Today, many centuries later, the glitter has returned to the Kristberg.
Bright children's eyes bear witness to the truly special offer that the Genussberg, around Managing Director Jürgen Zudrell and his team, provides for young guests and their families.

In Silbi's Squires' Club, children experience exciting hikes along the Silver Trail with its interactive play stations, a silver play world covering more than 1,000m², as well as many other highlights.

For Sunkid it was therefore a particularly nice project to be allowed to co-design such a lovingly and well thought-out vacation and recreation destination. With the newly built Wooden Ball Tracks, the little ones can look forward to another highlight on the Kristberg.

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