World premiere: Sunkid Moving Carpet as a fabulous fairy tale express

The world's first interactive Moving Carpet combines transport and staging to create a unique experience

Place: Fiss /Year: 2019 / Product: Moving Carpet

More than 3,500 Sunkid Moving Carpet conveyor belts are in use in over 65 countries worldwide. For a few weeks now, however, one of them has stood out in particular, ushering in a new era in passenger transport in ski resorts.
The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski resort has been one of the leading destinations in alpine winter sports for years and holds an outstanding position, especially in terms of family friendliness. With the new fairy tale express, the ski resort now underlines this role in an impressive manner. "The youngest guests are the focus of our attention. Whether in Berta's Kinderland or on one of the numerous themed slopes, they should be able to learn skiing in an age-appropriate way and with lots of fun. And that's exactly what Berta's Fairy Tale Express contributes to," says Benny Pregenzer, Managing Director of Bergbahnen Fiss-Ladis.

The 114-meter-long double conveyor belt has an impressive transport capacity of 3,600 people per hour and is equipped with a special variant, the Evolus Duplex XL Gallery. The Fairy Tale Express is also in a league of its own in terms of technology and is one of the most modern in the world. But it owes its uniqueness to an unprecedented staging that sets new standards.

The entrance portal of the fairy tale express, which is almost 4 meters high and around 6 meters wide, can be seen from afar. As the visitor approaches, more and more details reveal themselves and suddenly a small window opens, from which Frau Holle, alias Berta the mascot of the Ski School Fiss-Ladis, looks out and shakes her pillow vigorously.
At the entrance to the Fairy Tale Express, the dimensions of the gallery are impressive and at the same time convey an airy, almost weightless impression. Even the youngest skiing beginners have no problems getting onto the magical Fisser Moving Carpet. After a few meters, the sound of the mountains and the many skiers is gently overlaid by new tones, transporting guests young and old alike into a new world. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Snow White await visitors in three showcases, each 10 meters long, along the track. Berta is also always present in one form or another when the animated figures tell their stories.

"We are very happy that we were able to realize this outstanding facility together with Bergbahnen Fiss-Ladis" shows Sunkid GF Mag. (FH) Emanuel Wohlfarter visibly proud of the achievements of all involved in the project. "In addition to our commitment as a year-round provider of leisure attractions and transport solutions in the alpine region, we have another strong pillar in the global amusement park industry," Wohlfarter explains the genesis of the Fairy Tale Express. With Heimotion, a specialist for animatronics and theming in the amusement park industry, a long-standing partner of Sunkid could be won, who skillfully realized the animated fairy tale characters.

"Moving Carpet rides like the Fairy Tale Express in Fiss are unlikely to become the new standard for all rides. But for sure, similar to modern gondola lifts, they are a flagship for any destination and can be realized in a wide variety of forms. Think, to name just one example, of a James Bond production in Sölden or on the Schilthorn," Wohlfarter concludes, hoping for more projects.


  • Installation location: Berta's Kinderland (Fiss/AUT)
  • Purpose of the installation: beginner terrain & transportation
  • Interactive staging with life-size fairy tale characters plus
  • Thematization of entrance and exit area
  • Conveyor belt type: Blue Eye surface -750mm conveyor belt width
  • Length: 2x 114m
  • Max. incline: 22
  • Drive: 15 KW motor each
  • Capacity: 3.600 persons per hour


  • dimensions: width 4,27m x height 3,23m
  • own galvanized base
  • aluminum profile construction
  • high quality 5mm polycarbonate panes
  • emergency stop aisles every 18m
  • roll-up PVC tarpaulins at emergency stop aisles
  • emergency stop buttons inside the gallery
  • roofing of complete entrance and exit area
  • rolling gates at entrance and exit
  • Camera surveillance
  • LED interior lighting at gallery arches
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