Snowli sticks in S(chn)ee
with three Moving Carpet and individual Sunny Stuff products

Sunkid and Borer Lift AG design the Pirate Land in Obersaxen (CH) as a completely new ski children's area

Place: Ruis /Year: 2019 / Product: Moving Carpet

In the Kinderland of the Chummenbühl/Obersaxen (CH) ski area, World Cup skiers such as Marco Casanova and Carlo Janka have already made their first attempts on snow. "But now we wanted to offer the guests something new. Something completely new!" explains project initiator Marco Casanova. In the search for a trustworthy partner and specialist for the implementation, they quickly agreed with Sunkid-Borer. The team around GF Axel Halder accompanied with its broad network from specialized experts, technicians and designers the project already since the first idea identification up to the ready for occupancy delivery.

The idea for Pirate Land, however, came from the customer himself and was developed according to the needs. "The theme is very versatile and leaves a lot of room for creative ideas. For example, you can lighten up the ski course a bit with a treasure hunt. In this way, you convey some excitement and link that with a playful approach to skiing" explains Axel Halder. In order to implement the concept of Snowli* in Pirate Land in a coherent way, Snowli now experiences the most exciting adventures with the characters of Captain Jack and his crew created by Sunkid.

Obersaxen also took an unusual approach to financing, trying to raise the missing funds through crowdfunding. The success was resounding: the required sum was even clearly exceeded. This is proof of how much not only all those responsible, but also the people of Obersaxen stand behind the project. Thanks to the motivated and creative approach of all those involved, the children can now be introduced to winter sports in a playful way.

With the help of the two new Moving Carpet type Flex, the children can easily be brought up the mountain and the 600 millimeter wide BlueEye conveyor belts provide additional safety due to their special slip resistance. The central centerpiece of the Kinderland is the pirate ship, which has been impressively staged with lighting fixtures and spreads a mystical atmosphere in the pirate camp during the evening hours. "It was a pleasure to see the work of almost 1.5 years, which we were allowed to do together with the Ski School Obersaxen, completed," Axel Halder proudly tells.

*Snowli is the mascot of the Swiss Ski Schools

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