The largest wooden adventure ball in the world
40 meters high, a diameter of 50 meters and weighing about 800 tons

These are just some of the incredible key data of the gigantic project at Steinberger See in the Upper Palatinate (Germany)

Place: Steinberg am See /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

For years, Sunkid and Almholz have formed a fabulous duo and can look back on numerous successfully implemented projects. This time Almholz was able to realize a project of superlatives.

Since the beginning of the year, a new type of adventure architecture has been enthroned at Lake Steinberg. This is where the world's largest walk-on wooden adventure sphere is located. The masterpiece, implemented by Sunkid partner Almholz, can be walked on by 950 visitors at a time and offers a breathtaking view of Lake Steinberg after 700 meters of ascent, at a height of around 40 meters. This is the first time that such a spherical shape has been implemented in this dimension and the figures of this masterpiece speak for themselves. The adventure wooden sphere has a weight of about 800 tons, a height of 40 meters and a diameter of 50 meters. In this mega project, 627m³ of glulam, 190 tons of steel parts, 180 m2 of solid wood, 80,000 screws and 18,000 bolts, construction screws and rod dowels, 3,300m² of cladding panels and 2,200 linear meters of railings were installed.

However, the adventure wooden sphere impresses not only with its beautiful view, but also with other activities. Within this wooden construction there are more than 30 experience and movement stations, which challenge the visitor in terms of coordination, fitness and balance. At a height of 25 meters, two adventurous suspension bridges can be crossed and for daredevils, there is a fast shortcut with the giant slide, which leads over 12 floors into the depths.

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