On the trail of the fox

AlmErlebnispark Teichalm - a special kind of climbing and exercise experience

Place: Teichalm /Year: 2019 / Product: Wood'n'Fun

The Teichalm is located in the heart of the Almenland Nature Park northeast of Graz. There, a new forest movement and adventure garden was created in the AlmErlebnispark. This complements the forest ropes course and, as a "mini climbing garden", offers an excellent alternative for younger guests. Special movement elements were developed for this purpose to support motor skills.

With the motto "Fast, active and full of life is the fox and so are you", the focus is on the cunning and nimble fox in the forest. The children can thus experience the forest habitat and get to know it better. A variety of equipment and stations at different heights invite the children to test their own motor skills. The main focus is on dexterity and sensitive balance. The kids can playfully push themselves to their limits. Towards the end, there are two towers waiting for the young guests, which are connected by a lattice tunnel. The mini climbing garden ends with a fast slide.

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